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I love my F4i. It is reliable, it looks good, it runs perfectly, and it screams like a bat out of hell when I open it up. It has a PCIII and a full Hindle Ti exhaust. I took it to the dyno earlier this year and pulled just about 104 rwhp, which is excellent for an F4i. You can click the dyno image to the left to see the run. I have taken it to the 1/8 mile track and been running trap speeds of 97-98 with a time of 7.78. I know that can improve though, and I plan on going back when the weather improves. What I enjoy the most is going to Deal's Gap. I try to head there at least once a week when the weather is nice. What a great road....I NEVER get sick of those 11 miles, no matter how many times I run through.





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